New beginnings of 2015


As the dust of Christmas settled and after taking a deep breath from the Bath Christmas Market. We sat, drank and ate as much Christmas food as possible. As a family we love to work together, but we like to hang out more. After a few Christmas Liqueur and G&T's, we started talking of 2015.

January came and the fun continued. Hannah started to create some interesting and new blends, Tori started getting out there, talking to everyone and I began designing artwork. February came and it was decision time.


I'm not sure if it was the gin talking from Christmas, but we created and bottled our new products for 2015. THE GIN COLLECTION! Our friends and family had all agreed that Ginger, Sloe, Blackcurrant and Strawberry Gin... we're definitely the winners! We started with a complete overhaul of our brand and identity by introducing our new gins.

We said hello to the new gin range, a new large half litre bottle and goodbye to Blackcherry Liqueur and Strawberry Brandy Liqueur!


One of the most exciting moments of 2015 so far was a trip to Downing Street to collect our '50 Food Stars' award in February! This is a new annual Government initiative recognising 50 of the best, innovative small UK food and drink producers. We got to meet some great people and were in good West Country company with the Bath Soft Cheese Company and Pilton Cider also awarded. And we got to hear some inspiring talks by Paul Lindley of Ella’s Kitchen, Justin King of Sainsbury's and Richard Clothier from Wyke Farms cheese - an amazing day and great to get such recognition for all our hard work. We did notice they didn't serve any liqueurs in the No10 State room - we're onto it!


Brings the launch of a new look Christmas Collection. We've done away with the 375 ml half bottle to bring you more. We've introduced a new bottle for the Christmas Collection, a half litre bottle and added an extra slice of class to the look. Featuring bold and festive colours on a champagne label material with fantastic gold foiled illustrations. Don't worry, it's still the same amazing classic Christmas taste that you know and love.


Alex Jeffrey
Alex Jeffrey